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Looking for a Career as a PSO?


A career as a PSO (phone sex operator) or adult erotic telephone entertainer, can be a very rewarding, enjoyable experience. Contrary to the perception of many who aren’t familiar with the phone sex industry, phone sex work is not easy! Phone sex operators are expected to wear many hats: in addition to erotic entertainment providers, we are also confidantes, counselors, friends, and sounding boards to the clients who call us to lend an open ear and open mind. In addition, many phone sex careers (such as those offered on this site) involve self-promotion, such as blogging, creating erotic audio samples for potential clients to listen to before they call, chatting via Instant Messenger or exchanging emails with potential clients.


Build Your Independent PSO Business with LDW Group


At LDW Group, we are searching for full time career-minded phone entertainers who are looking to make above-average income, working from home, interacting with clients, learning new skills and techniques, and building a better future for themselves and their families. Top phone sex entertainers who commit to perfecting their skills on the phone, learn (with our guidance) how to promote their services online, and develop and execute a solid marketing plan are earning  $800+ per week with Phone Sex Careers – with $0 start-up investment. All you need to be an Independent Phone Sex Entertainer with us is a telephone, a computer, a high speed internet connection, a desire to be among the very best erotic telephone providers, and the willingness to put in the hours , hard work, and effort to get there.

Success with our company requires a unique combination of personality traits, work ethic, positive attitude and determination. To learn more about what kind of candidates succeed best with our company read on