Difference Between A PSO JOB And A PSO Career

 Do you know the difference between a PSO Job or a PSO Career?
Before you begin, or reinvent your Phone Sex Operator experience knowing if you want a job or career may make a difference in your journey.

Knowing which suits your lifestyle before or during the application process, the  better prepared you are make a smart choice in the company you choose to work with. Here are a few  just a few phone sex insider tips.


PSO Career PSO JOB 18+
phone sex operator jobs 18+


If you want a PSO job, then you will show up. You will honor the terms of your contract, and offer a quality experience for your caller.

You’ll earn some money just by having a sexy good time on the phone! Nothing inherently wrong with that. Some women have PSO jobs because they fill a gap in their budgets, or add to the household income. The taxes to be paid are simply done, you don’t track expenses just pay your dues.

When looking for a PSO job to fill this bill, you’ll want to check if there are any minimum requirements for hours logged, and/or minutes logged. Entry-level positions, sites that cater to GFE (girlfriend experience), and sexy vixens will hire with little or no experience, as long as you provide the quality call they expect. You may or may not be required to help market yourself, your persona in social l media settings.

Some women continue this part-time, casual working phone sex, enjoying the freedom of having a work-from-home job,  and fits their lifestyle and financial goals. For others, it’s a temporary stop in their journey.


PSO Career

A PSO career is marked by a few basic qualities. When you take ownership of something, like claiming yourself to be the boss of a company, your mindset shifts. Successful women, have similar qualities and can earn middle-class, or better, income.

A phone sex operator career involves a desire to be your own boss and run their own company.  You enjoy using all of your skills in your vocation. You look forward to learning new skills.  Perhaps you want to be more creative. Phone sex offers you the opportunity to track your traffic, create written and audio erotica for sale, and even marketing graphics.  

You also have the business side, taking your pay and having to budget for certain business expenditures. Taxes need to be paid, bank accounts have to be managed, and expenses tracked. We are not talking unruly amount of tasks, but it’s a reality when you consider this your business. But no need to run from this part of your experience. If you can manage a checking account, you can do this too!

I enjoy having a phone sex career because I get to do it all. On a much smaller scale than a larger company. I have loved seeing my business grow over my tenure and know this type of financial freedom is something you are interested in.

As already mentioned a business owner looks for opportunities to make money, versus showing up and accepting what comes your way.

Are you ready for your PSO Job, or PSO Career?


Running your own PSO business 18+

Why Start A Phone Sex Career

 Why is a phone sex career a wise choice? There is little overhead, you work from home. There are minimal start-up costs, compared to any other business. Most companies want you to have reliable phone service, internet and computer. And be proficient in using all technology required.

Pro tip: If you start with the bare minimum, inexpensive equipment make it a priority when you start bringing in the money, to invest in better equipment. It will pay for itself for the speed and quality of your work and limits nuisance frustrations from slow or outdated equipment.

You can gain experience and become specialized in a particular kink, or BDSM practice. Offer your talent to services that offer premier services like BDSM, Fetish, and Kink Play. Just like any other career, it is what you make it. Where will you take it?