Who Are PSO Companies Hiring

Who are PSO Companies Hiring is referencing a job as a  Phone Sex Operator. Contrary to mainstream understanding having a job or a career as a phone sex operator can be very lucrative! It is an industry where experience is minimal to start and where you can shoot for the stars!  So how do you find a PSO job? First, let’s look to see if you are a good fit for a phone sex job.

PSO Companies Hiring Criteria

The number one and top three qualities a PSO company looks for when considering working with you is how engaging are you. Do you have the ability to turn on the charm? Make the other person seem like the only other person in the world. Then you have a great start. If you are an introvert, don’t discard this position as many PSOs consider themselves introverts but with the ability to turn on the charm when needed. Plus it’s so easy on the phone! You are not impressing anyone with your outfit or makeup and can focus on your caller. That’s the key.  Make your caller the focus for the duration of your call.

PSO Companies Are Hiring Women Who Have A Fire

PSO Careers who are pso companies hiring 18+It’s not entirely true that only women with little or no options turn to phone sex because it requires little skill and is easy to begin. It is true starting a job in phone sex isn’t entirely complex and as long as you have charm and a fire to do well, you can turn it into whatever you wish. Many women who had traditional (well-paying) 9-5 brick-and-mortar experience are done working for others. They have the drive to learn and create a desirable online presence.

Be prepared to work, and work hard. Knowing that as you gain experience things will become easier.

Top Performing Phone Sex Operators

Qualities of top performers is that they work hard to learn what they don’t know. The more you know the more you earn! A simple example: Introduce a client to a remote control toy that you can play with on your end, just might find them calling you back again and again. Remembering their birthday if they mention it.

If you are a novice, learn about the various specialty services like BDSM/Femdom which tend to compensate at a higher rate than generic services. Top performers look for opportunities to earn money, outside of the phone call, called passive income.

PSO Companies Are Looking For Off-Hours Coverage

Are you a night owl? Or your day is 6 hours behind the 9-5 grind? A PSO job might fit your lifestyle. Ask about scheduling during your interview process. Many companies allow you to log on as you wish, when you wish while others will ask you to adhere to a schedule. So if you know you can commit to a full schedule but not a defined schedule pay attention to this area when seeking to work with a phone sex company.

Flexibility is also a plus. Some services have a texting notification you can sign up for to be notified when they need more ladies to log in. In the industry, the more ladies logged on the busier the phones! Theories abound as to why. But why ask why? If  you can (at times) hop on to take calls at a moment’s notice, it’s another opportunity to make money

If You Qualify

Research some companies, their compensation, and various requirements and apply! If you think you have what it takes, then a phone sex job just might be the perfect fit for your lifestyle! Not to mention you get to work from home!